Maintenance Services

Our house checking services give you peace of mind, because we know that your house is more than an object to you and your family. Having a secure and maintained home means that you won’t have to worry when you're not around. R & R Landscaping offers in addition to outstanding property management services, house checking services so you never have to worry. Whether you’re only visiting for the Chautauqua Season or vacationing at your lake home, we make every attempt to assure you that in your absence, it is as secure and sound as your primary home over the bridge.


Exterior/ Interior Inspections of Condominiums or Homes
Security Checks
Phone and Alarm checks
Blizzard and Storm Inspections
Snow Plowing
Pest/Infestation Examinations (and removal if necessary)
Lawn Mowing
Spring & Fall Cleanup
Garbage & Recycling pickup

We suggest weekly visits to ensure your home remains out of harm’s way. R&R Property Services & Landscaping provides you with Monthly detailed invoicing of our visits so you can see exactly when we visited your property and the outcome of each and every visit. We will contact you immediately if we have any concerns.

Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed

Your satisfaction is our priority and we strive to provide a service we are proud of.  We start every project by providing a thorough consultation to understand your goals and the needs of the project. We do this to guarantee that the project is completed according to your preferences. 

R & R Property Services & Landscaping
R & R Property Services & Landscaping